hey, I'm Chris

I'm a product designer & frontend developer. My marketing experience with Fortune 500's & startups help me deliver beautiful websites with JavaScript, React & TailwindCSS.


Visualize Value

Built With: Adalo, Google Analytics, Airtable

What is it? The iOS app for every Visualize Value design, course, and resource. It went viral on Twitter here.


Built With: Webflow, Airtable, Zapier Discord, Stripe API

What is it? A community of 500+ newsletter publishers. A searchable database of newsletters. Members can promote affiliate offers. The site has 500 unique visitors per month, has 150 users, and has earned $200 in Revenue.

Chris Viglietta

Built With: React, TailwindCSS, Javascript

What is it? My little corner of the Internet. Built with React. Currently working on adding a simple blog with Gatsby and better UI with Tailwind CSS.

Rat Race

Built With: React, Javascript, Solidity, Hardhat

What is it? a turn-based game that you play by connecting with Metamask. You attack the boss by making txns on the blockchain. You mint your character as an NFT and your stats update in real-time when you're attacked.

Start With Nodes

Built With: Softr, Discord, Zapier

What is it? A community of 200+ DeFi investors and a database that tracks 50+ node projects and 10 data points. The site has generated $200 in revenue, 200 users, and 100 emails after 4 weeks.

Learn Web 3

Built With: Softr, Discord, Zapier

What is it? it's a web3 job board that features 300+ active job listings and has 10+ curated resources related getting a job in web3.

Me in 5 Sec

I'm a self-taught frontend developer. The reason I started learning web development is because I wanted the ability to turn my ideas into reality and build my own games. I love surfing and motorcycles 🌊